JMGO Launches Indiegogo For Affordable 4K UHD Tricolor Laser TV Projector That Outperforms Any IMAX Cinema Experience

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Shenzhen, china, September 7, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Today, home theater entertainment brand JMGO launched the U2, an affordable ultra-HD 4K Tri-color laser projector designed to create a home theater experience so lifelike and crisp, it’s like looking out of a window.

With a tri-color laser engine, U2 delivers crisp, bright and vivid images that cover the BT2020 color gamut of 114%, allowing users to embrace impressive detail that surpasses IMAX cinema. 4K is achieved via XPR technology and excellent focus uniformity with a 100 “screen, 15,000: 1 contrast ratio and ultra-high lumens of 3600 ANSI with the ALR screen.

U2 is now available to customers worldwide from a $ 1,799 USD Special launch day for the first 48 hours to show contributor appreciation on the Indiegogo platform. The price beyond the first 48 hours will be $ 2,099. To take advantage of the most optimal brightness (3600 ANSI Lumens), U2 can be combined with an Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) display, a combined offer of which is available for $ 2,328 during the first 48 hours and after will be US $ 2,628. The ALR screen, which is made of PET, has a mineral gray frame, measures 100 “diagonally, has a projection area of ​​87.17” x 49.02 “, a full horizontal viewing angle of 60 ° and a gain ≥1.5 + 10% screen size for an even better cinematic experience no matter what, sports, movies and even 3D.

“Compared to televisions, laser projectors have many advantages, such as improved sound quality, larger screen size and 3D,” explains Will wang, product manager of JMGO. “This year, we have made efforts to diversify our product portfolio for our international markets to introduce an affordable luxury lifestyle, so that more people can enjoy the benefits of laser projectors. We are committed to creating the most premium visual and audio experience at a competitive price. “

JMGO strives to create the most ergonomic viewing environment and, as such, recommends an 11.81 “tall console and a 100” fixed focus screen. The main advantage of fixed focus is the uniformity of focus when the screen size is 100 “. From 13 feet away, this screen size reduces eye strain. Additional smart features include eye protection mode and a preset laser source to generate low blue light. Tool Alignment is preinstalled to effortlessly reorient the spotlight when the machine is moved.

The visual experience is enhanced by exceptional cinematic surround sound thanks to 2 x 15W full range speakers and 2 x 10W tweeters with the large 2400cc sound cavity co-created with the Danish pioneer manufacturer speakers, DYNAUDIO. Through their partnership, the brands deliver rich, immersive and realistic sound that has achieved dual U2 certification from Dolby and DTS. The speakers themselves have a unique, aluminum, symmetrical cone design.

U2 comes with JMGO’s built-in Luna operating system, with a borderless user interface (UI) design that fits well into any environment. Users can simply enjoy the consumer video streaming apps preloaded in the system or pair them with a favorite TV box or streaming TV stick to enjoy their favorite shows, and can seamlessly switch between apps and devices. video streaming at the push of a button. The laser TV has 2 HDMI ports, 1 optical, 1 LAN, 1 service and 2 USB ports, allowing extended connectivity.

“With U2, a premium viewing experience awaits viewers’ exploration,” Wang continued. “Our goal is for people to instantly feel immersed in a fantastic multimedia world, 4K movies, 3D movies, sporting events and more. “

Other smart features of the U2 include automatic brightness adjustment and intelligent heat control. The laser projector comes with 3G RAM + 32G ROM. Customers will be entitled to a free one-year warranty, which can be extended for a second year for US $ 217.

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