Expo 2020 Dubai set to be the most digitally connected trade fair


A breathtaking view of the Sustainability Pavilion at the Expo 2020 site in Dubai. wam

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Company editor

Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to be the most connected and immersive event in World Expo history. Over the past four years, Cisco has worked closely with the organizer to help deliver highly immersive digital experiences for Expo 2020 Dubai, the region’s most anticipated event. The two organizations announced that Cisco’s network infrastructure will also be deployed at the Dubai Exhibition Center, strategically located near the heart of the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

With Cisco demonstrating clear expertise in the deployment, management and maintenance of the network at the Expo 2020 site in Dubai, the company has now also been chosen to provide a state-of-the-art network that will form the basis of the digital infrastructure. to Dubai. Exhibition center. This network deployment represents the largest of its kind for an event space in the region.

As part of the implementation, Cisco will provide an end-to-end security solution with robust firewalls, network access control (NAC), and web proxy server capabilities. Collectively, these solutions will help maintain network access, increase visibility of network usage, and reduce network operational risk.

“Our ambition has always been to take the World Expo experience to new heights. Having the right network infrastructure and strategic collaboration is essential. Over the years, Cisco has proven to be a trusted partner and consultant helping to accelerate our digitization agenda and provide seamless and secure connectivity for employees, volunteers, attendees and visitors to Expo 2020. and the Dubai Exhibition Center, ”said Mohammed Alhashmi, CTO at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) solutions are typically used by large enterprises and service providers. While the Dubai Exhibition Center is expected to experience high network usage, Cisco is implementing its NSO technology in an event space for the first time. With its automation capabilities, NSO enables application and service owners to focus on improving the visitor experience, delivering services up to 90% faster.

At the Dubai Exhibition Center, Cisco’s NSO technology will be used to simplify network operations by leveraging automation and providing the ability to work with multiple vendors and technology areas. This, in turn, will allow the site to make network and service changes during live production, continuously optimizing the connected experience for visitors. Additionally, NSO will help orchestrate all deployed network infrastructures, while an intuitive dashboard enables seamless management of all available network services. “Our relationship of trust has continued to evolve and strengthen, with Cisco offering the best of our technology and staff to support Expo 2020 Dubai.

With our latest collaboration, Cisco will help the Dubai Exhibition Center seamlessly host large-scale events, so every visitor has an unforgettable connected experience, ”said Shukri Eid, Managing Director, Cisco Gulf Region.

Over the past four years, or more than 1,500 days, Cisco’s strategic collaboration has helped Expo 2020 Dubai establish a secure and intelligent foundation for connectivity.

As part of its mission to help Expo 2020 Dubai create the most connected and immersive event in World Expo history, Cisco has deployed:

250 of the industry’s most experienced project managers and engineers on-site to provide more than 2.5 million person-hours of technology implementation and deployment support.

20,000 secure endpoints across the site to provide industry-leading connectivity.

30 different technological solutions on the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

Meanwhile, Canon, the official supplier of Expo 2020 Dubai and the first company to be the sole supplier of imaging and printing for a World Expo, has launched a special series of its monthly Frontiers of Innovation online shows to celebrate the partnership.

Mai Youssef, Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing Services, Canon Middle East and Canon Central and North Africa, said: Canon’s external communications aspect. The topics covered reflect our commitment to the environment, talent empowerment, innovation and the future. This joint initiative with Expo 2020 is part of our continued commitment to drive innovation and generate solutions to support businesses in various industries in the Middle East and Africa.

Dina Storey, Director – Sustainability Operations, Sustainability-Real Estate at Dubai Expo 2020, said: “Our joint venture with Canon Middle East will create an important platform to discuss key issues that arise in the world of photography. and filmography. By focusing on sustainability and innovation – two things that are extremely important to us at Dubai Expo 2020 – we are able to create a better future for young artists and encourage more people to join this community. inspiring.

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